Scrubbing and suction machine

Scrubbing and suction machine

Sizes (lxwxh):  110x45x72 cm
Power supply:  230 V
Power:  1650 W
Required Wear costs brush scrubber:  € 12,50
Dimensions (lxwxh) : 1100x450x720mm
Nutrition : 230V
Power : 1650W
The machine scrubs the floor with water and detergent, the dirty water is absorbed again in the same cycle. Special cleaning agents also available.

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* Prices are excluding required Wear costs brush scrubber of € 12,50.
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Accessories for Scrubbing and suction machine

*Required Wear costs brush scrubber

Purchase price: € 12,50

Floor fresh a1000ml

Purchase price: € 5,35

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