Terms and conditions


Changes / Supplementary General Conditions Car
All leases are the General Conditions of Bo-rent Car Rental apply. See terms and conditions for this further on this page
Rental period:
- A rental day (24 hours) starts at any point within the opening hours of Bo-rent Car Rental.
- Short Weekend rent starts on Saturday before 12:30 hours due opening hours and lasts until the following Monday morning 10:00.
- Long Weekend rental starts on Friday after 16:00 and lasts until the following Monday 10:00.
- The rental period of four hours is not possible on Saturday.
Fees and insurance:
The liability insurance is only valid in the Netherlands, unless a foreign coverage has been concluded. All vehicles in Bo-rent car standard liability insurance. The vehicles are insured with liability coverage up to € 2,000,000, - per event. Per claim, an excess of both civil liability and hull damage. In many cases to reduce this excess by paying a lump sum per day / week.
You are obliged to report damage directly to us. In the event of damage, you are also obliged to cooperate with requests for information from our side or from our insurer. Not cooperating can bring consequences. If we and / or our insurer are harmed in our interests as a result, we and / or the insurer can recover the damage and research costs from you and / or the insurer can register your name and address details in its internal referral register. This register aims to contribute to a responsible acceptance and claim process of the insurer and registration in this could lead to you not being able to insure yourself (anymore) with that insurer.
Additional terms:
- The lessee / driver must be at least 20 years old and already 2 years in the possession of his / her Dutch license and an EU passport / ID card.
- In some cases, the tenant remains, regardless of the agreed deductible, fully liable for the damage. In accordance with the General Conditions of Bo-rent Car rental is also possible that the excess amount shall be adjusted to a higher deductible.
- Our vehicles may be used only within the Netherlands, unless a foreign coverage has been concluded.
- Damage to the transported goods and personal property for its own account.
- For the age from 20/24 years we charge a surcharge age.
- The minimum age for renting a Opel Astra and a Volkswagen Transporter minibus is 25 years.
- For courier, taxi and / or transport the excess will be increased or reduced deductible to 400%.
- All prices are exclusive of fuel. All cars come with a full tank. The car is fully fueled return to be, otherwise a handlingfee of € 23.50.
When our official key safes find clues other than to deposit the key in the safe, please ignore it and make a report to the branch office.
Insurance and surcharges we charge for a short weekend 1.5 times the daily rate and for a long weekend two times the daily rate.
Damage waiver:
Borent Car now offers at the request of many of you the opportunity to take out a damage-redemption scheme. If you choose to redeem your own risk you are no longer liable for damages to the car rented by you or by bus. Excluded from the redemption are overhead damage and lozenge and tire damage. The surrender of the excess is void if you fail to comply with any of our terms and conditions. If the driver is younger than 25 years is not possible to buy off the excess.

All vehicles in Bo-rent car in top condition. If you should do with bad luck come to be, we can be reached during business hours. Our staff will help you as soon as possible on the road again.
Decisions (fines), including handling costs, shall be borne by the renter / driver.
Additional insurance:
At Bo-rent Car Rental serves supplementary insurance: the Passenger Accidents Insurance and the lozenge and Tyre Insurance. The distributions will be made under the terms that are on each branch and in each vehicle for inspection.
You can book your car rental at Bo-rent car in the following ways:
- Over the counter at any of our branches
- By phone / fax at one of our branches
- Via Internet (www.bo-rent.nl)
Cancellation and no show:
With our cancellation insurance you until the moment of the planned commencement of the lease free of charge cancel your reservation without giving any reason. The costs for cancellation amount to € 2.00 per reservation.
If you can not quit cancellation until 48 hours before the start of the rental period, cancel the reservation without charge. If you cancel between 24 and 48 hours before the rental period, you pay 50% of the rent. If you cancel within 24 hours before the start of the rental period, you will pay 100% of the rent.

In case of no-show, the tenant in all cases required to pay the invoice value of the reserved rental items and possibly void the cancellation.
If you wish to travel abroad, you are obliged to take out insurance abroad. Traveling abroad with our rental cars is only permitted in Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Finland, France, Ireland, Italy, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, Norway, Portugal, San Marino, Spain, United Kingdom, Sweden and Switzerland .
Legitimacy and deposit:
Double identification is required, including a Dutch driving license and a valid EU passport / ID card. You also need a proof of address in the form of a bank statement, copy of telephone subscription fixed telephony or transcript of a telephone to hand over GSM. These copies must not be older than 30 days. These documents are made photocopies. Bo-rent Car Rental reserves the right to not rent a car in appropriate cases, without giving a reason. The deposit consists of the excess amount plus the anticipated rental fee plus any costs of the fees and insurance.
All our rates are in Euro, excl. Fuel.

Article 1:
1. These terms and conditions apply to all transactions relating to rental and making available of vehicles by
Bo ^ Rent BV, trading under the name "Bo-Rent Car Hire ', hereinafter called the landlord.
2. The applicability of any general conditions which might refer in any way by the tenant, is hereby expressly rejected.
Article 2:
1. Binding lease agreements will only become effective upon the written confirmation of the order by the landlord, or by signing the (printed overleaf) lease by the tenant and the landlord or if the landlord has given effect, for example by supplying, to a commissioned rental.
2. The lease agreement is concluded for a period and at a rental rate specified on the (on the reverse) lease. A copy of the lease provided to the tenant.
3. Determination of the number of kilometers driven using the odometer. Becomes faulty, then the tenant must immediately notify the lessor thereof.
4. During the rental period, the cost associated with the use of the vehicle, such as parking fees, fuel, and
cleaning costs borne by the tenant.
Article 3:
1. Tenant must carefully with the vehicle to go and make sure the vehicle is used for its intended purpose.
2. The tenant is held the vehicle in its original state landlord to return.
3. The lessee is obliged to secure the vehicle load is sufficient.
4. Only persons designated as a tenant in the lease, may drive the vehicle, unless otherwise
agreed. In the latter event the lessee shall ensure that these directors have the power and the physical and
mental state which is required for driving the vehicle. The renter may not make the vehicle available to any person not as a driver on the front of the lease.
5. The lessee / driver must be at least 23 years old and two years in the possession of the Dutch or European
driving license.
6. The tenant is no different than with the written permission of the landlord allowed to rent the vehicle again or otherwise to give another use.
7. If the car lose control of tenant, for example through theft, he shall so inform lessor immediately notified.
8. The tenant is not allowed to take animals in the vehicle along, to use the vehicle for driving lessons or the vehicle competitions, speed, keep driving skill or reliability tests.
9. The tenant is not permitted to the vehicle outside the borders of the Netherlands, unless agreed otherwise in writing
agreed with the landlord.
10. The tenant must all liquids and (to) the pressure at the required levels.
11. The vehicle is allowed to have up to three people.
12. The renter must return the vehicle clean. Failure to comply with this obligation, the cleaning can in
be charged with a minimum of € 60,50
13. The renter must fill the fuel suitable for the vehicle.
14. In the event of damage or defects to the vehicle, the lessee is not permitted to use the vehicle if doing so could lead to worsening of the damage or defect, or reducing road safety.
15. In the event of an accident or any other event where damage results, the lessee is obliged:
- Landlord of this immediately by telephone notification;
- Follow the instructions of the lessor;
- Alert the local police;
- Solicited and unsolicited all information and all documents relating to the event to give to the landlord or his insurer;
- Within 48 hours to submit a completed and signed claim form to the landlord;
- To refrain from admitting guilt in any form;
- The vehicle is not leaving without the proper protection against the risk of damage or loss to have;
- The lessor and persons designated by the landlord to give all requested assistance in obtaining
damages by third parties or for the defense against claims of third parties.
16. The lessee is obliged obligations and prohibitions of this article on the driver other than the tenant, passengers and other users of the vehicle and to supervise adherence to such.
Article 4:
1. The tenant has the vehicle by the day and at the time the agreement ends subject to return to the opening of the landlord's branch landlord where the vehicle is rented and / or received, unless extended in writing The lease is agreed.
2. In the event of a failure in the fulfillment of the provisions of the preceding paragraph, the lease remains in force and is the rent due until the date of actual receipt of the vehicle lessor, regardless of the subsequent right to the landlord for damages and / or allow retrieval of the vehicle.
3. The lessee shall at all times be responsible for the vehicle until the vehicle has been taken by the landlord actually received.
Article 5:
1. The vehicle is picked up by the landlord. Tenant has the right to monitor or the vehicle prior to or during the actual delivery and / or self-examine or make check or investigate. If the tenant this late or no damage description is drawn up between the parties omitted the vehicle is considered in accordance with the agreement, therefore, to be delivered in proper, good and undamaged condition.
2. The tenant is liable for all lessor damage arising as a result of any event during the rental period or otherwise related to the rental of the vehicle, subject to the following.
3. If a deductible has been agreed in the lease, the renter's liability for damages per claim is limited to the amount of the deductible, unless:
-the damage incurred during or as a result of acts or omissions in violation of Article 3;
- The damage was caused as a result of use of the vehicle on unpaved roads, or use of a vehicle on grounds for which the vehicle is clearly not suitable, or of which the lessee or driver is given the attention that it enter at their own risk;
- The damage was caused with the consent of, or by intent or gross negligence of the tenant;
- The vehicle is rented to a third party or is ceded to use, even if landlord has consented;
- The damage concerns arising from any harm by or with the vehicle caused to third parties, and the Legal
Liability insurance for the motor vehicle is closed does not offer coverage on the basis of a violation of any provision of the policy conditions. The policy conditions are at lessor's inspection and will be sent free of charge on the first request of the tenant;
- The damage was caused by loss of the vehicle and / or the car keys belonging to the vehicle or the operator of the
alarm system and / or the documents belonging to the vehicle (such as the registration and insurance documents) are not returned to lessor;
- The damage is due to the realization of the danger associated with transporting, storing, loading and unloading
dangerous, explosive, flammable, oxidizing or toxic substances;
4. If by the lessor under a mandatory or not concluded contract of insurance against the risk of hull damage or given a benefit against the risk of liability to the lessor or to a third party, shall not affect the liability of the tenant.
5. Notwithstanding the agreed deductible, subject to a high deductible
- Up to € 1500, - for the lessee who is a consumer;
- Up to € 5000, - for the lessee who is not a consumer;
for damage caused as a result of damage to, or inflicted by any part of the vehicle situated at a distance of more than two meters away from the ground, or is inflicted by any part of the load above this height located.
If the vehicle is a van or lorry, abovementioned high excess also applies to damages resulting from damage or inflicted by any part of the vehicle, or inflicted by any part of the load at a height of less than one meter eighty centimeters above the ground within a distance of 75 cm from the top of the vehicle or of the above excellent load there is, it is believed that the damage was caused by a collision with that part of the vehicle or the cargo .
6. If the damage caused by any loss of, or the vehicle has been inflicted, the extent of which is determined in advance on the amount of the directly injured party compensation plus any other damages from the landlord.
7. The damage caused by the inability to rent the vehicle during the period of repair or replacement will be determined in advance on the number of days it takes to repair or replace the vehicle multiplied by the price per day.
8. In case of loss abroad, the cost of repatriating the vehicle to the lessor, unless there is a circumstance referred to in the third paragraph of this article.
Article 6:
1. The landlord accepts liability for loss suffered by the tenant as a result of an attributable failure in the performance of the lease, if and insofar as this liability is covered by its insurance, up to the amount by which the insurance compensation. Damage is defined as: the financial loss resulting from an event in connection with damage to persons and / or damage to property. Damage is defined to persons: injuries or damage to the health of persons, whether or not having the death, including the resulting damage. Damage is defined to: damage, destruction or disappearance of affairs of the lessee including the resulting damage.
2. Notwithstanding paragraph 1, the landlord accepts no liability for damage resulting from repair or alteration to the vehicle after receiving but before returning the vehicle, carried out by the tenant.
Article 7
1. The tenant is required to pay the cost of minor repairs unless necessary by the failure of the landlord to comply with its obligation to remedy defects.
2. Repairs should be carried out in the company's landlord. If this is not reasonably possible, the serve
work to be carried out by a garage belong to the network of the importer of the brand in question. Tenant shall be offered before the vehicle for repairs, do so to get permission from the landlord.
3. Lessee shall first request the landlord to offer the vehicle for periodic inspection or control.
Article 8:

1. Unless cash payment or anything else has been agreed, payment must be made within 8 days of the invoice date, without settlement. Landlord is entitled to calculate a credit limitation surcharge and / or require advance payment or other guarantees. The payment term is a strict deadline. The guarantee consists of the expected rental amount, the possible costs of the surrender schemes / insurances and the associated deposit amount.
2. If the tenant does not pay within the period referred to in paragraph 1, the default will be legally void and the tenant will owe the landlord the statutory default interest on the invoice amount for the period that the tenant is in default.
3. The payments made by the tenant always serve to settle all interest and costs owed and then the due and payable invoices that have been outstanding the longest.
4. The deposit paid, if any, will not be returned until the vehicle has actually been received by the lessor. In the event of damage, the deposit will not be returned sooner if it is clear that the extent of the damage does not exceed the amount of the excess, after which the deposit less the amount of the damage and the rent and any costs will be returned.
5. Without prejudice to the foregoing, the tenant is entitled to the purchase that the life insurer understands as an independently functioning collection costs in accordance with the Incasso Costs Act; a compensation of damage, costs and interest, for the compensation for non-compliance, non-timely or non-determinant compliance with the dissolution of this agreement.
6. These judicial and extrajudicial collection costs also include the collection, office and settlement costs of attorneys, bailiffs and experts. The extrajudicial collection costs are calculated in accordance with the Incasso Costs Act.
7. The tenant declares that he is aware that the landlord firm Bo-Mij Beheer B.V. authorized to conduct on behalf of the landlord all correspondence relating to this tenancy agreement and to take all possible collection measures in this respect.
Article 9:
1. If the tenant or more of its contractual obligations, not timely or not properly fulfill, if the tenant
his / her bankruptcy or (provisional) moratorium, if the lessee is declared bankrupt, or if on him
Law on debt repayment required to be applied, if the tenant his / her enterprise is wholly or partially transfers, liquidates or stops and / or if it is made wholly or partly seize the assets of the lessee, the lessee is in default and the landlord has the power the contract in whole or in part without any notice of default or judicial intervention being required as dissolved, regardless of his subsequent right to claim performance, compensation and suspension.
2. Notwithstanding the preceding paragraph, landlord and tenant entitled to the lease agreement wholly or partially without judicial intervention as dissolved, regardless of any further right to compensation if the other party after proper notice of its obligations in respect of the lease does not comply with or is likely that he will not fulfill his obligations.
3. If a party makes use of the right referred to in the preceding paragraphs, shall be notified to the other party of the full or partial dissolution of the lease.
4. In cases as referred to in paragraph 1 and 2, landlord at any time, without notice or prior notice, be entitled to recover the vehicle by the renter. The tenant undertakes beforehand then the landlord to provide in that regard cooperation desired by the landlord.
5. Furthermore, the landlord in cases as in paragraph 1 and 2 mentioned never be liable for any loss suffered by either the tenant or sustained by third parties in connection with the retrieval of the vehicle or the discontinuation of the lease. The costs of transportation, travel expenses, accommodation, food etc. which are made to recover by the landlord upon exercise of the powers referred to a moment ago, are borne by the tenant.
Article 10:
The lessee's expense, all sanctions and consequences of the measures imposed in connection with having available or making use of the vehicle by the authorities, unless they are related to a defect already present at the start of the rental. If these sanctions and measures imposed on lessor, lessee must indemnify lessor's first request, which lessee additional costs of collection in and payable out of court, with a minimum of € 30,25. If the lessor in connection with any act or omission of the tenant, such as a traffic infraction, provide authorities, the tenant is liable for the associated costs, with a minimum of € 18,15.
Article 11:
All agreements to which these conditions have been declared applicable, is subject to Dutch law.


These conditions are intended for vehicles with a gross combination weight (dead weight
plus payload) not exceeding 3500 kg, where a gray vehicle registration
has been issued. This involves among other things the following motor vehicles:
- Vans
- Small truck
- Terrain vehicle with a gray registration certificate
The schedule, and then the conditions and clauses form a whole.

Insurance Contract
This contract shall meet, unless the parties have expressly agreed otherwise, the requirement as laid down in Article 7: 925 of the Civil Code, if and insofar as the damage suffered by the insured or third party to compensation in respect of which the insurer respectively. an insured claim is made, the result of an event of which the parties
at the time of concluding the insurance was uncertain that there insured for damage to insured respectively. the third had arisen or might arise in the normal course of events.
The policyholder is obliged to conclude the agreement with Allianz to disclose all facts which he knows or ought to know and which he knows or should know that it is important (or may be) for the acceptance decision of Allianz.
If not or not fully complied with the notification requirement, this may result in the entitlement being limited or even lapsing. If deliberately to mislead Allianz has acted or those with knowledge of the true state of affairs of the insurer would never have closed, Allianz also has the right to cancel the insurance on.
1. Definitions
1.1. Insured:
1.1.1 the policyholder;
1.1.2 by the policyholder authorized driver of the motor vehicle;
1.1.3 The owner, the holder (including the lessee) and the occupants of the motor vehicle;
1.1.4 The employer of the abovementioned persons if he is liable for them with the vehicle to others than themselves damage caused;

1.2 Motor:
a motor vehicle described in the schedule, in the standard version, the documents annexed thereto issues and changes to a maximum of € 1,250 and the number of additional issues and changes as and when they were taken into account in the determination of the amount insured.

1.3 Added items:
the non-standard associated issues, such as accessories, special constructions and audio and telecommunications equipment insofar as they are mounted on the vehicle and intended for use in or with the vehicle.

1,4 Trailer:
a single or multi-axis object (including a trailer and a caravan) which is coupled to the motor vehicle or after coupling thereof or become disconnected, but still not safe outside the traffic has stopped.

1.5. Damages:
Injury to persons and damage to property.
1.5.1 Damage is defined to people: injury or harm to the health of persons, whether or not resulting in death, including the resulting damage.
1.5.2 Damage is understood to be: damage, destruction or loss of business other than the policyholder, including the resulting damage.

1.6 Insurance Area
The insurance area includes only the countries for which the motor current international motor vehicle insurance (green card) is valid.
2. Premium
2.1. Payment of the premium
2.1.1 The policyholder shall pay the premium, costs and insurance premium tax in advance, no later than the 30th day after they become due.
2.1.2 If the policyholder refuses to pay the amount owed or not paid within the prescribed period, the coverage is suspended from the first day of the period during which this amount was due. Allianz does not default to the policyholder and the amount still needs to be paid.
2.1.3 No cover shall be granted for the period of suspension events occurring.
Coverage begins again only on the day of receipt of the amount due by Allianz.
2.2. Premium Calculation
2.2.1. The premium and the grading on the bonus / penalty-kick may be partly based on: the region in which the domicile or residence of the policyholder is situated; catalog value, including the official retail price of a vehicle is defined as; The weight of the motor vehicle; fuel, which means the fuel used by a motor vehicle according to the registration certificate; The nature of business of the policyholder.
2.2.2 If on the schedule one or more of the aforementioned premium factors listed, the policyholder is obliged to report this change within 30 days to Allianz. Depending on the new conditions, the premium and the grading on the bonus / penalty-kick may be amended with effect from the date of change.

2.3. Mileage bonus when determining factor
2.3.1 In addition, the premium for this insurance can also be based on the statement by the policyholder, that a maximum of 20,000 km annually is driven by the motor vehicle. This is clearly stated in the policy schedule.
2.3.2 Once it is clear that more than 20,000 km will be driven in any year of the vehicle, the policyholder should report within 30 days to Allianz and the premium next premium due date will be adjusted to the new mileage.
2.3.3 If after damage it appears that the policyholder to Allianz has made a misstatement of the annual mileage or has failed to fulfill obligations stipulated in 2.3.2, the premium will be backdated to the last financial
premium due date will be adjusted to the appropriate mileage.
2.3.4 In will take place in the situation referred to in 2.3.3 after the adoption of the next main premium due date of the new bonus / malus step a drop in one step. If not applicable to this insurance, the bonus / malus scheme
is will rather than the fallback coverage by an additional deductible of € 450 will be applied to the compensation Allianz in case of the loss is due referred to in point 2.3.3 liability under the covers, limited airframe and extensive hull. Where such coverage is no deductible is applied per cover a deductible of € 450.
2.4. Bonus / malus scheme
2.4.1 The amount of the premium payable is determined in part by the contribution rate, as mentioned in the relevant step of the bonus / penalty-kick.
2.4.2 bonus / penalty-kick
2.4.3 After each insurance year the relevant step is determined, taking into account the number of insurance claims incurred in the last year.
2.4.4. An accident does not count for the bonus / malus scheme if Allianz: no compensation is payable; solely because of a claims settlement agreement or a legal provision compensation is due, while the insured not (partly) to blame for the occurrence of the damage; solely because of a claims settlement agreement or statutory provision, the damage paid not able to recover, while the insured is not (also) to blame for the occurrence of the damage; compensation has recovered fully, or has not fully able to recover solely because the fee was higher than the actual damage; any damages paid by within three months after the end of the insurance year as a whole has returned; only compensation paid because of the events mentioned under 1. Chapter IV, or due care or transportation of injured persons.

: 2.5 Premium Refund
Except in case of termination due deliberately mislead Allianz, Allianz provides for termination of this insurance, a refund of the premium for the unexpired period of insurance after deduction of a maximum of € 22.50 administration fee.
3 Deductible
If a deductible stated in the schedule, this will be deducted from the fixed loss amount. The policyholder is obliged by Allianz paid in excess upon notice refund immediately.
4. Damage
4.1. Obligations of the insured
4.1.1. Once an insured is aware or ought to wear to an event that can lead to damages to an obligation for Allianz, he is obliged: to report any incident as soon as possible Allianz; in the case of fraud, embezzlement, vandalism, joyriding, stolen or abandoned to the motor vehicle or trailer to immediately report it to the police; to cooperate fully in the control of the damage and everything to get what the interests of Allianz could harm; The evidence of Allianz strictly follow and respect of the harm questions fully and truthfully answer; all data on a damage relate to Allianz to give up and the related letters and other documents on this damage, including a fully completed and signed by the policyholder claim form,
immediately transmit it through; refrain from all that which admission of guilt could be inferred.
4.1.2. Any right to damages shall lapse if the insured has failed to fulfill any of its obligations and thus harmed the interests of Allianz. An interest damage is always the case when Allianz by failure: can not properly assess the coverage of the liability; or can not properly assess the extent of the damage.
4.1.3 Any right to damages shall lapse if the insured deliberately provides false information to harm.

4.2 Registration in the Missing Vehicle Register (VAR)
The insured acknowledge and agree that Allianz in case of theft or loss of an insured motor vehicle registers the vehicle information on the Missing Vehicle Register (VAR), so that private organizations recognized by the government
Allianz may be enabled for the recovery and return of the vehicle. The insured can also directly reflect the loss of the vehicle to the VAR helpdesk, which is accessible 24 hours a day. This allows
however, affect the obligation to report the loss to Allianz.
5. General exclusions
Notwithstanding the exclusions listed in the Special Conditions this insurance does not cover damage:
1.5 arising from or caused by armed conflict, civil war, insurrection, riot, rebellion or mutiny. For the meaning of these concepts the definitions given by the Association of Insurers in the Netherlands on November 2, 1981 at the Registry of the District Court were filed under number 136/1981;

2.5 arise during the time that a motor vehicle is seized or used pursuant to a decision of a civil or military authority;

3.5 caused by, occurring with or arising from nuclear reaction or ionizing radiation, regardless of how these arise;

4.5 that caused an insured deliberately, regardless of whether that damage is caused to its own interests or those of another interested party in the insurance or that of a third party;

5.5 caused while the actual driver is not legally authorized to drive the vehicle;

5.6. caused during:
5.6.1 participating in speed contests;
5.6.2 rallies or skill competitions, which take place not entirely within the Netherlands;
5.6.3 rental vehicle;
5.6.4 the professional transport of persons or goods, including dangerous or polluting substances for which a statutory authorization. The exclusions specified in 5.5 and 5.6 do not apply to the insured who demonstrates,
whereas those conditions are outside know it and have taken against his will and for that reason it is not at fault.

5.7 If an insured in any general or special provisions mentioned obligation is not fulfilled and thus harmed the interests of Allianz.
6 Limitation
A legal claim against Allianz to make a payment lapse three years after the start of the day following that on which has become known person entitled to payment of their due and payable. Nevertheless
, the legal liability insurance at no earlier than six months after the claim against which grants insurance coverage within the set for this current limitation or limitation.
7. Amendment of premium and conditions
7.1 If Allianz its rates or conditions for the insurance of the same nature as those reviewed, it is entitled to adapt them to the new tariffs or conditions with effect from such date as it may determine.
2.7 Allianz doing modifications in writing to the policyholder.
7.3 In the event of increases in premiums or reduced coverage, the policyholder
the right to refuse the adjustment in writing within one month of being notified thereof. In that case the insurance ends on the date specified in the notice.
7.4 The insurance can not be terminated if the adjustment of the rates or conditions ensue from statutory regulations.
8. Amendment of risk
8.1 The policyholder is obliged Allianz immediately inform about any circumstance that the risk that is insured, influences so that this insurance may not be on equal terms and for the same premium would be accepted, if that fact at the conclusion of the insurance would already have existed.
8.2 Under a circumstance which must be reported in any case a change in the nature and / or the status of the use of the motor vehicle.
8.3 If the policyholder has failed to fulfill this obligation will continue in case of risk increase coverage only apply with respect to damages, including without such a change would have arisen.
8.4 In the event of a change of risk, Allianz may adjust the premium and conditions or cancel the insurance with a notice period of two months and will submit a written notice to the policyholder.
8.5 If there is such a change in the risk of Allianz reasonably can not be required to continue on the insurance, Allianz has the right to terminate the insurance with a notice period of 14 days.
9 Replacement vehicle
During repair or maintenance of the vehicle, this insurance applies to a type and price range similar replacement vehicle, unless there is any other insurance in force, no matter by whom, in what way
or when closed.
10. Duration and end of insurance
10.1 Insurance term
The insurance is contracted for and will then be renewed automatically in accordance with the deadlines set out in the schedule.

10.2. End of insurance
10.2.1 The insurance ends by written notice:
- By the policyholder or by Allianz at the contract expiration date, with a notice period of at least two months;
- By the policyholder or by Allianz after damage report no later than thirty days after the damage has been settled with a notice period of at least two months. In the event of intent by an insured to deceive Allianz, may be terminated immediately by Allianz;
- By the policyholder within two months, Allianz opposite policyholder has invoked the failure to comply with the disclosure obligation when taking out the insurance. The insurance ends on the date specified in the letter of termination;
- Allianz within two months after the discovery by Allianz which the policyholder has failed to fulfill the duty of disclosure when taking out the insurance policyholder has acted to deceive with intent Allianz and / or Allianz insurance with knowledge of the true state of affairs would have closed. The insurance ends on the date specified in the letter of termination.
10.2.2. The insurance terminates if the insurance is part of a collective agreement and Allianz policyholder or the collective agreement in writing from the premium due date by giving at least two months.
10.2.3 The insurance ends by written notice by Allianz as soon as the situation described in points 5.4 (establishment) of this chapter or 4.2 of Chapter IV. (alcohol / drugs) occurs.
10.2.4 The insurance ends when the vehicle is usually parked abroad. The policyholder is obliged Allianz must be immediately notified.
10.2.5 The insurance ends when having an insured person or his heirs cease interest in the vehicle and also lose the actual control over the vehicle. The policyholder or his heirs must accordingly within eight days
do Allianz notice.
10.2.6 If the policyholder dies, his heirs and Allianz to the agreement within nine months after becoming aware of this death denounce taking into account a period of one month.
11 Other provisions
01.11 Address
Notifications by Allianz to the policyholder to his last known address at Allianz or to the address of the intermediary through whose mediation the insurance runs.

02.11 Processing of personal data
Your personal data will be processed by Allianz NV Netherlands for the purpose of concluding and implementing agreements; to carry out marketing activities; to prevent and combat fraud against financial
institutions; for statistical analysis and to meet legal obligations. This processing is the Code of Conduct "Processing of Personal Data by Financial Institutions" applies. The text of the code can be requested
at the Association of Insurers, PO Box 93450, 2509 AL The Hague, telephone (070) 333 85 00 or visit the website www.verzekeraars.nl. In connection with a responsible acceptance policy Netherlands Allianz NV consult your data at the CIS foundation in Zeist. The aim is to control risks and prevent fraud. The privacy regulation of CIS is applicable. You can view the text on the website www.stichtingcis.nl.

11.3 Governing Law
This insurance contract itself is governed by Dutch law.

04.11 Complaints
Complaints arising from this insurance agreement can be submitted to:
- The management of life insurance Allianz NV, PO Box 6, 2501 AC The Hague phone (070) 344 32 10.
When the judgment of the company for you is not satisfactory, please contact:
- The Foundation's Financial Services Complaints Institute, PO Box 93257, 2509 AG The Hague, telephone (0900) 355 22 48.
More information is available on the website www.kifid.nl.
(if such coverage, according to the policy schedule is insured)
Motor Insurance Liability Act
To ignore what else in the terms involved, such insurance is deemed to comply with the by or under the Motor Insurance Liability Act (WAM) requirements.
1. Description of cover
The insurance covers during its duration the liability of the insured for:
1.1 Damages (to persons and property) caused by or with the vehicle, with the exception of damage to the driver;

2. Insured amount
2.1 This insurance is carried up to the sum insured for liability per occurrence for all insured together.
2.2 an event that takes place within the area of insurance, where under an LMO corresponding law or any other legal duty prescribed a higher sum insured, the insurance provides coverage if
higher amount.
2.3 How necessary above the insured amount covered by the insured costs incurred to prevent or reduce multiple damages, provided he is liable for damages and liability under the coverage of this insurance
falls. These costs will be reimbursed once per event up to a maximum sum insured. Under costs to prevent or reduce more damage in this context also means damage to items used in taking the measures referred to here.

3. Trailer / transported goods
Under the cover includes the liability for damages caused by or with:
3.1 A trailer;
3.2. business - unlike during loading and unloading - which:
3.2.1 are at or fall or cases of the motor vehicle or trailer;
3.2.2 are mounted on or to the motor vehicle or the trailer, or coupled thereto.

4. Damage to motor vehicles of the policyholder and to property of passengers
4.1 Subject coverage includes damage caused by or with the motor vehicle to another vehicle of the policyholder if the damage was caused outside the premises, which has used the policy for his company.
Under the cover does not include damage that is covered under any other insurance, whether or not of an earlier date. Coverage is limited further damage to the motor vehicle referred to above self. So the insurance does not cover
consequential damages (including loss of profits, loss of the damaged, replacement car and bonus / malus loss).
4.2, under the cover includes the liability for damages to personal, to the private household affairs belonging to the passengers, provided that the vehicle was also damaged during the incident.
3.4 Under the cover includes damage to the upholstery of the vehicle, if it is contaminated during the free transport of injured persons.

5. Guarantees
5.1 If to safeguard the rights of the disadvantaged by a government of a security is required for the removal of a motor vehicle put on the attachment or to obtain the release of the insured, Allianz
this certainty to a maximum of € 50,000 for all insured together.
5.2 The insured, for whom the security is lodged, the matter should the event against Allianz are entitled to compensation.
3.5 Only Allianz is entitled to dispose of the collateral, as soon as it is released. The insured is obliged to cooperate fully in order to obtain reimbursement.

6. Legal costs and statutory interest
Over and above the insured amount is included under the insurance:
6.1 with the authorization or at the request of Allianz costs incurred for process and legal assistance;
6.2 has the statutory interest on the covered by the insurance portion of the principal.

7. Special exclusions
Notwithstanding the general provisions specified coverage exclusions excluded liability for damage:
7.1 in movable or immovable property, which the insured property belonging to or held it for whatever reason also held, including consequential damages, to the extent elsewhere in the policy provides otherwise;
2.7 caused by those who themselves by theft or violence have gained control of the vehicle and by those who - knowing this - use the vehicle without valid reasons;
3.7 caused by a hazardous substance on board, according to the schedule (with) the insured object.

8 Claims and assessment of guilt
Allianz charged with assessing the guilt and with the rules and the assessment of damages. Allianz has the right to directly compensate victims and their settlements to cover. It will put the interests of the
insured always keep in mind.

9. Story Right
9.1 In all cases in which Allianz under the law, compensation is payable during the insured's rights from the insurance can derive Allianz damages and costs from the policyholder or the insured liable.
9.2 Should the insured no rights to the insurance under circumstances that are beyond knowledge and have taken against his will and his reason it is not at fault, Allianz does not use in front of him
its claim.
(If one of these two coverages according to the policy schedule is insured)
1. Description of Section A. Limited airframe cover
The policyholder is entitled to compensation of damage or loss of the objects insured specified in the policy schedule by:
1.1 A.1: fire, explosion, short circuit - also as a result of inherent defect - and lightning;
1.2 A.2: joyriding, theft, fraud, embezzlement by someone other than the insured and fallow in the motor vehicle;
1.3 A.3 damage only windscreens and other glass components, including the broken glass caused other damage to the vehicle;
1,4 A.4: forces of nature, including flood, hail and storms (minimum force 7);
At 1.5 A.5 collision with stray animals or with birds;
1.6 A.6 riots, which meant occasional manifestations of violence;
1.7 A.7: a sudden external calamities during the time that the motor vehicle for transport to the care of a transport entrusted;
1.8 A.8: aircraft and consequent falling objects.

2. Description of section B. Detailed hull coverage
The policyholder is entitled to compensation of damage or loss of the objects insured specified in the policy schedule by:
2.1 events mentioned under 1; and
2.2 collision, crash, skidding, overturning, get on the road or water, vandalism, destruction or any other of sudden external calamities other than the events listed under 1., also because of their own lack.
3. Special costs
3.1 In the event of a covered event, Allianz will pay over and above the sum insured to the reasonable costs of emergency repairs, storage, monitoring and / or transportation to a dealer or auto repair company at the option of the insured,
as well as any contribution to general average.
3.2 In the case of an insured event the absence of (total) loss of the vehicle, the policyholder during the repair period, to a replacement car, provided by the Foundation Schadegarant recognized dealer or
auto repair company repairs the damage and that company makes available the replacement vehicle. That the alternative transport costs - excluding fuel costs - borne by that company.

4. Specific exclusions
Notwithstanding the general provisions specified coverage exclusions, the insured is not entitled to compensation for damages resulting from damage or loss of the vehicle:
4.1. by embezzlement, fraud, theft or joyriding, or attempt to do so, to the extent that is due to the insured blame insufficient care for the motor vehicle which is at least a question if leaving the vehicle:
4.1.1 (contact) keys therein are left behind;
4.1.2 the transfer receipt is left therein;
4.1.3 valuable items such as a (mobile) phone, a removable (slide) radio or the detachable front of the radio have been left visible, unlike in the locked luggage and completely hidden from view. This only applies to
Damage from theft or break-in to the motor vehicle and attempted suicide;
4.1.4 Not all windows and doors (off) closed. If the (contact) keys or transfer receipt after the event not
can be produced, are believed to have been left there when leaving the vehicle.
2.4 arise while the authorized driver of the insured vehicle at the time of the incident under the influence of alcohol or any intoxicant or stimulant finds that he must not be able
expected to drive the vehicle properly. If the authorized driver under Article 8 paragraph 1 or 2 Road Traffic Act has been convicted or has accepted a penal settlement proposal, this is equivalent to a situation in which the driver was unable to control the vehicle properly;
3.4 by gradually working conditions.

5. Control of damage from damage or loss of insured property
5.1 The policyholder is obliged Allianz if desired the opportunity to damage by having an expert fix, before proceeding to repair or replace. This obligation does not apply if the damage is repaired
one by the Foundation Schadegarant authorized dealer or auto repair business.
5.2 The policyholder has the right to own costs and to appoint an expert to.
5.3 In the event of disagreement between the two experts, they shall jointly appoint a third expert, whose injury determination must remain within the limits of both assessments and shall be binding. The cost of the third expert
borne by Allianz.
5.4. In case of fraud, embezzlement or theft of the vehicle, the policyholder is entitled to compensation:
5.4.1 if within 30 days of the notification of the event Allianz the vehicle has not been found; and
5.4.2 once the property has been transferred to Allianz and the registration certificate part 1 and 2 and the transfer receipt by Allianz received.

6. Transfer of ownership
6.1 In the event of total loss of the vehicle in technical or economic sense, Allianz will not proceed for damages until after (the ownership of) the insured motor vehicle, or the remainder thereof including any Allianz
to reimburse extra features and accessories to Allianz or a third party designated by Allianz is transferred.
6.2 The policyholder is obliged to all parts of the registration certificate belonging to the insured motor vehicle and the keys to Allianz Allianz or a third party designated to hand.

7. Compensation
7.1 If the B.T.W. in the sum insured is not included, the damages done without VAT
7.2. Allianz will pay up to the sum insured for the vehicle - plus the value of the business up to € 1,250 - in the case of:
7.2.1 damage to the vehicle, the repair costs up to the difference between the value of the vehicle immediately before the occurrence of the damage and the value of the remains;
7.2.2 loss of the vehicle, its value immediately before the loss.
7.3 The above provisions apply accordingly to the schedule, according to co-insured objects (eg a trailer), provided that the compensation for the added business of all (co) insured objects
taken together amounted to more than € 1,250.
7.4 In case of theft of cassettes, tapes and (compact) discs Allianz reimburse its value to a maximum of € 125.

8. Excess
8.1 For each under the restricted or extended hull coverage insured event applies it on the schedule specified deductible, subject to the exceptions set out in these conditions.
8.2 In the event of damage caused by damage or loss of the vehicle due to an insured event, the deductible specified in the schedule, reduced by € 225, provided the damage is repaired by the Foundation
Schadegarant authorized dealer or auto repair business. The private risk reduction does not mention an event in 1.2 or 1.3.
8.3. Unless stated otherwise in the schedule with only glass damage:
8.3.1 the deductible up to € 68 reduced if the window is replaced by Carglass or Autotaalglas. This reduction is applicable only when it is billed directly to Allianz;
8.3.2 No excess will be deducted if the window is being repaired.
8.4 In case of an insured event as defined in 2.2., The deductible specified in the schedule, increased by € 135 if the driver of the vehicle at that time is younger than 24 years.

9. Increase deductibles for theft damage
9.1. In case of damage increased by the loss of motor vehicle theft, joyriding or the excess stated in the policy schedule with € 315, unless the vehicle at the time of the event is protected by a theft security system
that is:
9.1.1 approved by TNO and approved by the SCM and that is built by an official company recognized by the SCM and is maintained; or
9.1.2 installed by the manufacturer or importer of the vehicle and in accordance with its provisions shall be maintained.
The insured must demonstrate the existence and maintenance of the system, for example by presenting the certificate issued by the installation drive or purchase and maintenance notes.
9.2 In case of damage due to loss of the motor vehicle by embezzlement, fraud or theft, the increase on the schedule specified deductibles with € 315, if the insured person in addition to the transfer certificate is not even part one and part two may present the vehicle registration certificate.
In case of accumulation of 9.1 and 9.2 the deductible is increased only once.

10. Story Right
Allianz does to policyholders not renounce its claim for damages to the vehicle:
10.1 Insofar as the damage has occurred under conditions that yield under these conditions compared to them a ground for exclusion;
10.2 During the time that the vehicle is a fee in treatment, maintenance or repair.
1. Description of cover
The insured is entitled to assistance and reimbursement of costs as set out below, provided that:
1.1 The aid is drawn up in consultation with and approval from the Verzekeraarshulpdienst (VHD);
1.2 The least motor vehicle liability under this policy Allianz is insured; and
1.3 gives the insured full cooperation and are entitled to help demonstrate on the basis of the insurer's assistance card or any other document.

2. Netherlands
2.1 If the motor vehicle in the Netherlands due to an accident, fire or any other sudden external calamities can no longer drive or the driver or another passenger have not been able to drive the vehicle, the VHD provides:
2.1.1 Transport of the vehicle and the trailer to an address specified by the insured in the Netherlands;
2.1.2 transport by taxi from the driver and passengers with their luggage to an address specified by the insured in the Netherlands;
2.1.3. a replacement car from the middle class for a maximum of five days from the moment of the incident until the vehicle is repaired or again in the possession of the insured, subject to the following conditions
is completed: for the motor vehicle is the extended hull coverage in force; and immediately after the accident has enlisted the help of the VHD-emergency center.

3. Outside the Netherlands
3.1. If the motor vehicle outside the Netherlands but within the area of insurance by an accident, fire or any other sudden external calamities can no longer drive or the driver or another occupant therefore is unable to vehicle
control, the VHD provides:
3.1.1 reimburse the necessary costs of salvage and towing of the vehicle and the trailer to the nearest garage, where if necessary, the damage can be assessed or recovered;
3.1.2 Transport of the vehicle and the trailer to an address specified by the insured in the Netherlands, provided that:
- The vehicle is not within four working days, either through an emergency repair, can be repaired so that the return can take place in technically sound manner; and
- The costs of transport are lower than the value of the motor vehicle. Transport costs are higher, the cost will be reimbursed for the introduction or destruction of the vehicle in the country. In that case, the insured
also entitled to transport luggage to the Netherlands;
3.1.3 reimbursing the return travel costs of the driver and the passengers, if it can not be traveling back with the motor vehicle. Be reimbursed the cost of transport by:
- Taxi to the nearest railway station;
- Train (2nd class) to the railway station in the Netherlands, which is closest to the destination;
- Taxi from the aforementioned station to the place of destination.
3.2. If the vehicle extended hull coverage is in force and the vehicle can no longer drive or the driver or another passenger is unable to drive the motor vehicle:
3.2.1 an accident, fire or any other external calamity;
3.2.2 mechanical failure of the motor vehicle;
3.2.3 failure of the driver due to an accident or illness, confirmed by presentation of a certificate from a qualified physician, will be entitled to payment of:
- The costs referred to in 3.1;
- The necessary costs of help along the way to a maximum of € 125 per event;
- The costs of delivering on behalf of the insured person and the transmission of the parts,
which are necessary in order to make the motor vehicle ready to drive, if these components are not or not on the spot can be obtained at short notice. The cost of the parts themselves will be paid by the insured.
4 Shot For cost
All in connection with the aid provided by the VHD or Allianz advanced costs, which are not covered by insurance will be borne by the insured. The insured is obliged to immediately upon notice to proceed with repayment over. For amounts
above € 750 an advance payment may be required.
5 Other aid agencies
In the case of overlapping of assistance Rights VHD will not link to other aid agencies, without prejudice to the right to recover the costs from other insurers.