Bo-rent Apeldoorn Paramariboweg

Bo-rent Apeldoorn Paramariboweg
Paramariboweg 92
7333PB Apeldoorn

T: 055-5340135
F: 055-5341380

Operational hours

07:00 - 17:00
08:00 - 17:00
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08:00 - 17:00
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08:00 - 12:30

Vacation period

25/12/2024 (1e Kerstdag)
26/12/2024 (2e Kerstdag)

Car rental Apeldoorn

Need a car in Apeldoorn? Then you can be assured that Bo-rent car rental in Apeldoorn has the right car for you. We have an impressive fleet of vehicles that will more than meet your expectations no matter the situation. Besides that, with more than 35 years of experience, Bo-rent knows exactly what people are looking for in a good and reliable car rental in Apeldoorn. Feel free to stop by and discover everything that Bo-rent has to offer!

Quality rental cars from Bo-rent

At Bo-rent, we strongly believe in providing safe and reliable vehicles that let you explore cities to the fullest. Your safety is essential to us. All vehicles on offer go through extensive safety checks upon return. Repairs are carried out immediately to ensure the safety and quality of our cars. On top of that, all vehicles receive a thorough cleaning before we relist them in our fleet. This way you can rent a car without having to worry about damage or accidents!

Rent a wide range of vehicles at Bo-rent car rental in Apeldoorn

At Bo-rent car rental in Apeldoorn we offer much more than just rental cars. Here, you can also rent spacious vans for moving or renovations and even special vehicles for special occasions. We strive to offer you a suitable vehicle in every situation. Stop by and find out how Bo-rent can help you!

Rent a car in Apeldoorn

Do you want to rent a compact city car while staying in Apeldoorn? Bo-rent car rental in Apeldoorn offers you a number of economic options such as the fuel-efficient Toyota Aygo. With economical fuel consumption and a small turning circle, the Aygo is the perfect choice for trips in and around the city of Apeldoorn.
Are you looking to rent something more spacious and luxurious? Our Toyota Yaris can accommodate up to five people. Furthermore, our Yaris has a spacious boot with enough space for luggage and other personal belongings. Rent one of our compact city cars and explore the beautiful surroundings of Apeldoorn at your own pace!

Rent a van in Apeldoorn

Need a spacious van for moving, a renovation or just to transport your luggage? Bo-rent car rental in Apeldoorn offers a wide range of spacious rental vans. Choose a Toyota PROACE that will handle all your smaller jobs or a spacious Mercedes-Benz Sprinter for larger jobs.

For more demanding jobs you will also find two spacious moving vans with a practical tail lift. When making a reservation, you can also opt for additional accessories, such as a moving net or moving blanket. Feel free to ask our employees for advice when renting one of our moving vans!

Rent a special car in Apeldoorn

You can rent a "special car" for all your special occasion. From an electric golf cart to rough terrain carriers and pick-up trucks. These vehicles will meet your needs in situations where a normal vehicle is not enough.

Easy online reservation

We realize that convenience is essential for people. It is for this reason that you can book your desired vehicle online with our online reservation. In just a couple of clicks you can book your next car, van or special car. You can also opt for additional insurance and extra accessories, but we will leave that choice entirely up to you. Once we have received your reservation, we will make sure that your desired vehicle will be ready for pick-up the moment you arrive. It can really be that easy!

Returning a vehicle is also a piece of cake. Park your car, van or special vehicle in our parking lot and hand in the keys at the counter and fill in some final paperwork with one of our employees.

Are you combing back after closing hours? No problem. You can still return your vehicle, even after closing hours. Feel free to ask our staff for more information on after hours returns!

Bo-rent car rental Apeldoorn

If you are planning to visit Apeldoorn and are still looking for a high-quality and reliable car rental in Apeldoorn, then Bo-rent car rental is your go-to address. We are more than happy to assist you in your search for a suitable rental car, van or special car. Feel free to visit our location at Paramariboweg 92 in Apeldoorn and discover the endless possibilities at Bo-rent car rental in Apeldoorn!