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Bo-rent Leeuwarden Saturnusweg
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27/04/2024 (Koningsdag)
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20/05/2024 (2e Pinksterdag)
25/12/2024 (1e Kerstdag)
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Car Rental Leeuwarden

Are you looking to rent a car in Leeuwarden to travel around the Netherlands? Bo-rent car rental in Leeuwarden is the best car rental to consider. We have a large variety of vehicles in our fleet. Besides, we offer the best prices, and our cars are always in the best condition. Feel free to stop by our Leeuwarden office to view the available vehicles. Here, you will encounter friendly staff who are willing to help you find the ideal rental car in Leeuwarden.

The guarantees of Bo-rent car rental in Leeuwarden

At Bo-rent car rental in Leeuwarden we aim to give you the best car rental experience possible. We achieve this by ensuring that the cars are safe and reliable. We do this by conducting inspections to ensure that no vehicle has any issues. Furthermore, we proactively perform repairs to ensure that each vehicle is reliable. Before we put a car back in our fleet, we thoroughly clean the car to ensure it's ready for the next client.

Choose from a wide range of vehicles

If you want to rent a car in Leeuwarden, Bo-rent is your go-to location. Here, we always try to ensure that you get the best car possible. More so, we offer an extensive array of options to ensure that you find something within your price range. Here is everything you will find at Bo-rent Leeuwarden Car Rental.

Rent a car in Leeuwarden

For the best rental cars Leeuwarden, we provide you with two great options. On one side you have the compact and economical Toyota Aygo, on the other side we have the spacious and comfortable Toyota Yaris. Both cars provide you with enough space when moving around in Leeuwarden. Furthermore, they have a small turning circle, thus helping with their maneuverability. The trunk is ideal for any luggage when you are travelling.

Rent a can in Leeuwarden

Besides looking for a rental car Leeuwarden, you might need the additional space that only a van can offer. At our car rental in Leeuwarden, you will find a large array of vans to choose from. A few examples of the options we offer you are the Mercedes-Benz Citan and Iveco Daily. Stop by our office in Leeuwarden to choose the right van for you.
Are you looking for the most spacious van you can find? Then you might consider renting one of our vans with a tail lift. The moving vans can transport up to 21 m3 of furniture or material!

Rent a special car in Leeuwarden

At Bo-rent, we understand that you have more needs than a car and a van. That's why we offer special vehicles, such as a pickup, electric golf cart, or even a rough terrain carrier. These special vehicles help navigate different terrains, thus providing you with more accessibility. Nonetheless, they enable you to have a fun experience when in Leeuwarden.

Reserve a vehicle quickly and easily

At Bo-rent, we understand that most people don't have ample time to reserve a car. That's why we aim at making the entire process easy for you through our online platform. Here, you can choose the vehicle you want to reserve, the duration, and the kilometers you think you will drive. Furthermore, we provide you with supplementary insurance, but we leave the choice entirely up to you.
When the time comes for you to return the car, you can return it on the arranged time. Are you not on time due to force majeure? No worries. You can also return your rental car or van after closing hours. Feel free to ask our staff how this works!

Bo-rent car rental in Leeuwarden

If you plan on travelling to Leeuwarden, Bo-rent car rental in Leeuwarden should be your first stop when looking for a car. We offer plenty of vehicles and affordable prices. Besides, our vehicles have diesel and petrol engines to provide you with the best fuel economy. Furthermore, we offer most of our cars with a manual transmission to make it easy and enjoyable to drive. Bo-rent is your trusted partner when you want to rent a car in Leeuwarden.
Feel free to stop by and check out the different vehicles at Bo-rent car rental in Leeuwarden. Our employees are happy to help you!