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Bo-rent Nijmegen Energieweg
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6541CX Nijmegen

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25/12/2024 (1e Kerstdag)
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Car rental Nijmegen

Would you like to rent a car in Nijmegen? Then we have your back. At Bo-rent car rental, we have a wide range of vehicles that you can use for different reasons. Additionally, all vehicles are in good condition and can be hired at affordable prices. All you need to do is to visit our office on the Energieweg in Nijmegen, and you will get professional services from our staff.

Top quality services at Bo-rent car rental

Safety and reliability are the hallmarks of Bo-rent Car Rental in Nijmegen, and you'll concur immediately once you step into our office. Every car that is returned by a client always undergoes intensive inspection to ensure it is safe for the next customer. Apart from that, we carry out repairs where necessary and clean each vehicle before it is returned to the fleet.

Rent different vehicles at Bo-rent car rental in Nijmegen

If you are looking for a trusted car rental in Nijmegen, then we're here for you. At Bo-rent, we have different types of vehicles for all your transportation needs. From compact cars to moving vans and special cars, all the options are available just for you.

Rent a car in Nijmegen

If you want an ideal car for your movement around Nijmegen, then check out our compact cars. We offer two vehicles in this category. The first one is the Toyota Aygo, a car that comes with a small turning circle and wallet-friendly fuel consumption.
The second car in this category is the Toyota Yaris. If you are on holiday to explore the scenic views and would like a touch of class and luxury, then this is your car. It has seating space for five people and includes sufficient area for luggage. This means you can carry everything you and your family needs when out on an adventure.

Rent a van in Nijmegen

Are you renovating or relocating and would like a vehicle to transport your luggage to your new home? Look no further. At Bo-rent car rental in Nijmegen, we have the perfect vans for this purpose. You can choose between our Mercedes-Benz Citan or the extra spacious Iveco Daily. Furthermore, the cargo space of our vans ranges from just 3 to up to 21 m³.
If you want a vehicle that can handle even bigger jobs, you can use our moving vans that come with tail lifts. An example is our Mercedes-Benz Sprinter which includes a “point furniture bin” which you can use to store your smaller belongings.

Rent a special car in Nijmegen

If you have a special occasion and would like an ideal means of transportation, Bo-rent has something for you. Our special cars such as the electric golf cart, the rough terrain carriers and special pick-ups will offer anything you need.

As you can now see, Bo-rent is the ultimate car rental in Nijmegen as we offer everything to cater for your transportation needs.

Reserve quickly and easily

When it comes to making your reservation, Bo-rent car rental in Nijmegen makes the whole process easy and convenient. We understand that you might be busy wherever you are and that is why we allow you to reserve our vehicles online. All you need to do is to visit our website and with just a few clicks, you will be done. Besides, you also have the option to choose a supplementary insurance.

And when it comes to returning the car, Bo-rent also makes the process easy. You can even return your rentalcar or van after closing time. Feel free to ask our employees for exra information about returning after closing time.

Bo-rent car rental in Nijmegen

Any time you are in Nijmegen and are looking for a trusted car rental, Bo-rent car rental in Nijmegen is at your service. We have various kinds of vehicles at our disposal that can be used to carry out a wide range of transportation tasks. They include compact cars, special cars, as well as moving vans.
Even better is that you can hire any vehicle at an affordable price. In addition, we guarantee quality and professional services from our friendly staff. So, feel free to visit us, and we will advise you appropriately and serve you to your satisfaction. You can find Bo-rent car rental in Nijmegen at Energieweg 40.