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Bo-rent Rotterdam Matlingeweg
Matlingeweg 15
3044EV Rotterdam

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F: 010-4374600

Operational hours

07:00 - 17:00
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Vacation period

27/04/2024 (Koningsdag)
09/05/2024 (Hemelvaartsdag)
20/05/2024 (2e Pinksterdag)
25/12/2024 (1e Kerstdag)
26/12/2024 (2e Kerstdag)

Car rental Rotterdam

Are you looking to rent a car in Rotterdam? Then look no further! At Bo-rent car rental in Rotterdam you can choose from many different vehicles. At Bo-rent you rent a car for the best price and at the best conditions. Feel free to drop by our shop on the Matlingeweg in Rotterdam, explore all the advantages of our car rental and get advice from one of our expert staff.

The high quality of Bo-rent car rental

At Bo-rent car rental in Rotterdam, your safety is our priority. Safety and reliability are our top priorities and you will notice that. To guarantee your safety, every car that is returned to us will receive a thorough inspection. Any repairs are carried out immediately and as icing on the cake we give the car a major cleaning before we put it back in our fleet.

Rent different vehicles at Bo-rent car rental in Rotterdam

Do u want to rent a car in Rotterdam? Then Bo-rent is your trusted partner. But you will find more than just rental cars in our fleet. You have also come to the right place for vans, moving vans and even special cars. View all our vehicles in our fleet!

Rent a car in Rotterdam

You will find two particularly compact cars in our fleet. For example, rent our Toyota Aygo. Thanks to its small turning circle and favourable fuel consumption, this is the ideal car to rent in Rotterdam.
Are you planning to explore the beautiful surroundings of Rotterdam and are therefore looking for something a little more luxurious? Then our Toyota Yaris is exactly the car you are looking for! The Yaris can accommodate five people and a large amount of luggage. Do you want to rent a car in Rotterdam for a short holiday with friends or family? Then the Toyota Yaris is the ideal car.

Rent a van in Rotterdam

Are you looking for a spacious van for a renovation, relocation or just to transport your luggage? Then you can rent a van at Bo-rent car rental in Rotterdam. Our vans have a cargo space ranging from just 3 to no less than 21m³. For example, rent our  for your small jobs and choose a spacious Iveco Daily for all your large jobs.
For the biggest jobs you will also find two handy moving vans with tail lift at Bo-rent car rental in Rotterdam. In addition, our Mercedes-Benz Sprinter with tail lift also has a practical “point furniture bin” in which you can store all your smaller furniture.

Rent a special car in Rotterdam

For all your special occasions you can rent a so-called “special car” at Bo-rent car rental in Rotterdam. From an electric golf cart to rough terrain carriers and even pick ups with a special construction on the back. Bo-rent is the most varied car rental in Rotterdam. Whether you want to rent a van, special car or just rent a normal car in Rotterdam, Bo-rent is your go-to address!

Reserve quickly and easily

We also understand that you do not have all the time in the world to reserve a car. Therefore, to make it easy for you, we have the option to reserve your car online. With just a few clicks you can rent a car in Rotterdam. You can also opt for a supplementary insurance, but we will leave that choice entirely to you. It’s that easy!
Has the time come for you to return the car? Then you can simply return the car to Bo-rent car rental in Rotterdam, even after closing time!

Bo-rent car rental in Rotterdam

Are you planning to visit Rotterdam, or are you already in Rotterdam and looking for a trustworthy car rental? Then look no further. Bo-rent car rental in Rotterdam is happy to assist you. You will find different vehicles in our fleet at the best prices and conditions. You can find Bo-rent car rental in Rotterdam at Matlingeweg 15. Feel free to stop by and explore our wide range of cars, vans and special cars.
Looking for a Rotterdam-based car rental? Bo-rent car rental in Rotterdam is your trusted address!